Spend either a month improving your storytelling, photography and video skills while living in Urbino, Italy, a beautiful Renaissance town nestled in the hills of central Italy.

Urbino Program: May 24 – June 21, 2019

You’ll join a team of media professionals to create multimedia stories about the people and events within the town Urbino, Italy. Your work will be part of either a website, digital magazine, or promotional video about the town.

Students in the Urbino, Italy program can sign up for either Section 1 Multimedia Journalism or Section 2 Magazine Journalism or Section 3 Promotional Video.

The Urbino Project is about telling stories. This class is your passport to explore a picturesque area of Italy in search of  interesting people and situations that you can feature.

You will be assigned a topic/subject based on your preferences.  You’ll then write, shoot photos and/or produce a video on a person, place or event in the town or area. Although you will work on developing a full range of storytelling techniques, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on a set of skills such as writing, photography or video. Past students have produced multimedia stories on food, wine, parenting, athletics, history, tourism, music, traditions, religion, art, design and dance. During this four-week program, students learn

• how to write for a feature digital publication.
• how to take great digital photos.
• how to shoot and edit quality video.
• the ins and outs of intercultural communication.
• how to work as part of a production team.

Students in all sections will work on skills critical for successful storytelling, including the basics of telling compelling stories with words and images. Students will be coached by a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff in writing and photography as well as online video. They will learn how to navigate as professional journalists and storytellers in a foreign culture by working with interpreters and crafting ready-to-publish features and news stories. Students will also study “survival” Italian and learn about the history and culture of the region. University of Urbino students will work as interpreters for fieldwork.

You’ll work in assigned production teams, using computers, digital cameras and video cameras. Students are required to bring their own laptop computers and digital still cameras. JMU students participate with students from other institutions and are led by JMU professors who coordinates their involvement during the four weeks.

The program occurs in cooperation with The Institute for Education in International Media’s (ieiMedia) Urbino Program. JMU students will get to work with students coming from other universities in the U.S. and around the world.

Piazza della Repubblica in Urbino

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