Medical Services


– If you have a medical emergency, either go to the hospital emergency room (See map below) or call 118.
– For non-emergency medical care, use the Guardia Medica (see below).

Guardia Medica (Non-Emergencies)

– You can go to this medical facility for any treatment or diagnosis that doesn’t require a hospital.
– Located at the corner of Via Nicolo Pellipario and Viale Antonio Gramsci (see map above).

You may need to pay approximately 15 Euros for the visit to the clinic and you should bring that money with you. Also, be sure to bring your insurance card with you if you have one.
Hours: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.
Daytime: Group of Doctors in Guardia Medica Building
On the ground floor of the Guardia Medica building. Go to the right and find the reception desk. There is a group of doctors here. Ask if one is available.

Pharmacies (Farmacia)

– There are several pharmacies in Urbino. If you need a pharmacy outside of normal business hours, one pharmacy is always open. See the map above for phone numbers.

Pharmacy Schedules

Emergency Phone Numbers

The following phone numbers should be with you at all times.
118 – Medical Emergencies (“emergencies” only)
113 – Emergency Police Help Number (also ambulance and fire)
115 – Fire Department


Taxi Piazza 0722-5200

or directly through a driver:
– Sanini 339-349-5200
– Angelini: 339-631-7665
– Machievick 338-932-2009